New Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 2021 Review

A definitive swansong for the Lamborghini V12 motor as far as we might be concerned, the Essenza SCV12 is a track-just beast that is restricted in form numbers and won’t ever be dashed, notwithstanding having full FIA endorsement. It’s a toy for the super rich, indeed, yet in addition a bewildering illustration of what can be accomplished utilizing what’s quickly turning out to be old-school innovation. In 20 years’ time we will glance back at this vehicle in stunningness. Indeed, even today it makes you go abnormally frail at the knees.

There will just at any point be 40 Lamborghini Essenza SCV12s, every one of which will cost 2.2 million euros before nearby charges, and none of which will at any point contend, regardless of being completely supported by the FIA for perseverance hustling. All things considered, it’s a toy that has been intended to cater for the cravings of Lamborghini’s richest clients, the kind of individuals for whom a standard Aventador SVJ is essentially insufficient.

As such it’s anything but a completely successive yet at the same time part-mechanized six-speed X-Trac dashing gearbox, the vehicle’s carbon fiber tub and wheelbase having been fundamentally reached out to oblige this new transmission. 신규사이트

Over the skin it actually looks unmistakeably like a Lamborghini, regardless of an enormous new back wing that assists it with producing as 1,200kg of downforce at 150mph. Underneath the skin, possessing the tremendous grounds that settles between its two seats and its tail, the SCV12 actually has a huge 6.5-liter V12 motor at its center.

This grows more force than any past climatic Lambo V12 because of a smash air impact that swallows in air by means of a scoop on the rooftop that runs down the vehicle’s spine. This then, at that point forcibly feeds the V12 to deliver an ear-parting 819bhp at 8,500rpm, and 760Nm at 7,000rpm.

All up, the vehicle weighs under 1,500kg and its exhaust is absolutely unsilenced and uncatalysed, which implies it sounds totally silly, even at tickover. At 3,000rpm it is adequately uproarious to make you draw back truly as it passes you by in a pit path. Also, at 8,700rpm – similarly as the limiter meddles – it will cause hearing harm on the off chance that you pay attention to it shout past without wearing ear-defenders.In each way the SCV12 is a superbly social butterfly creation.

Also, when you move inside it, that feeling escalates as you drink in the sights and vibes that welcome you. First off, it is unbelievably hot in here, the model rendition we were adequately fortunate to drive having no cooling, notwithstanding an encompassing temperature inside the cockpit of around 48 degrees C.

The hustling seat cinches you in position nearly just as the six-point bridle, and before you sits less a controlling wheel but rather more a switch with two handles on one or the other side of it’s anything but, an ocean of catches sprinkled all around its edges and across its middle.

These catches permit you to choose from one of 12 diverse foothold control settings, 12 distinct ABS modes, five diverse motor modes, a scope of force guiding settings and an assortment of adjustments for the pre-heap of the mechanical restricted slip differential.

Sounds bafflingly mind boggling, is bafflingly intricate regardless. Yet, when the man from Lamborghini inclines in and places everything in the correct mode (motor set to greatest if it’s all the same to you, what the goal in me being here else), I pull the belts down that tad more tight and press the catch stamped “Start.”

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