German Spy And Last Person To Be Executed In Tower Of London’s Surprising Ties To Cambridgeshire

In 1941, Josef Jakobs was flying from the Netherlands to the UK and dropped out of the plane into a field in Ramsey, Huntingdonshire.

He was ill-fated when he arrived in the region subsequent to being spotted by two nearby ranchers, Charles Baldock and Harry Coulson, and caught.

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The German covert operative broke his lower leg leaping out of the airplane – realizing he required clinical consideration, Jakobs shot his gun into the air, drawing in the consideration of the ranchers.

Sadly for Jakobs his time in Cambridgeshire was fleeting, as when Baldock and Coulson recognized the government agent they called the neighborhood Home Guard who caught Jakobs prompting his execution in the Tower of London.

He was discovered as yet wearing his flying suit and conveying £500 in British cash, fashioned personality papers, a radio transmitter and a German hotdog.

Jakobs was taken to Ramsey Police Station prior to being moved to Cannon Row Police Station in London, where he gave a deliberate assertion to Major T.A. Robertson of MI5.

Because of the helpless state of his lower leg, Jakobs was moved to Brixton Prison Infirmary for the evening. The next day he was momentarily questioned by Lieutenant Colonel Stephens of MI5 at Camp 020 preceding being moved to Dulwich Hospital where he stayed for the following two months.

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Jakobs’ court military occurred before a tactical council at the Duke of York’s Headquarters in Chelsea in August 1941.

Following a two-day preliminary which included hearing the declaration of eight observers, Jakobs was seen as liable of spying and condemned to death.

His concise presence close to Dove House Farm in Cambridgeshire might come as an amazement to a few and his demise is of verifiable significance as well.

Many partner executions in the Tower of London with bygone eras when truth be told Jakobs was the last individual to be executed there under 100 years prior.

On August 15, 1941, he was taken to a smaller than usual rifle range in the fort, tied and blindfolded in an earthy colored Windsor seat, and killed by a shooting crew.

Following the execution, Jakobs’ body was covered in a plain grave at St Mary’s Catholic Cemetery, Kensal Green. The area utilized for Jakobs’ grave has since been re-utilized, so the first grave site is hard to track down.

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